Help create an enduring legacy by conserving and enhancing the biodiversity of the ecosystem through the astute and sustainable management of resources.
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Our conservation education initiative.
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A joint programme with EWT to help protect this endangered species and assist the populations growth.
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The ancient geological Murchison Greenstone mountain range provides a majestic northern backdrop to the Selati plains. The plains are bounded to the south by the Lillie Hills, home to the rare Encephalartos dyerianus cycad, the only known occurrence on Earth. 

The Selati Game Reserve takes its name from the Great Selati River which traverses the northern sector of the reserve from west to east. The river was named after the Seltai Gold Fields which was the scene of a nearby minor gold rush in 1865. The gold fields were names after Shalati, the female chief of the small Tebula tribe who lived in the bush around Murchison Range to the north of the area. The area encompasses around 300 square kilometers of pristine environment without any major commerical tourism facilites. This is a unique area which is largely undisturbed by human habitation. The challenge, whilst we are custodians of this area, is to continue to preserve it in its current natural state for following generations. 

The Selati Wilderness Foundation NPC recognises the value and the uniqueness of the Area, its historical position in the Lowveld as well as its geological, faunal and floral assets. The Foundation was established as a Non Profit Company to raise awareness and funds to retain and enhance these unique attributes in the longer term. 


Support for the local surrounding community in terms of bursaries for young students, infrastructural support of the local schools, and the establishment of the Bush Buddies programme.


Financial support for anti-poaching primarily focussed on the protection of the significant black and white rhino populations as well as support for the protection of the only known colony of the Encephalartos dyerianus cycad.


Special support of endangered wildlife species present within the Selati Reserve area such as cheetah, black rhino, white rhino, and vulture populations, as well as the only known occurrence of a rare Cycad.

Help us make Selati a lifelong home to both elephants and biodiversity by donating to, or fundraising on our behalf for, the Giants of Selati Fund.


To create an enduring legacy by conserving and enhancing the biodiversity of the

ecosystem through the astute and sustainable management of resources.



Founded in 2016, the Bush Buddies initiative brings secondary school learners from disparate communities together for a year-long programme of learning and interaction…


The Selati WF is currently upgrading and renovating a hall to establish a new venue for Class RR students to enhance and extend the early learning program at the school…


The re-introduction of cheetah to Selati has proved to successful. The original population had declined due to the numbers falling below sustainable levels…


From the initial introduction of elephants onto Selati in the late 90’s, the population have grown substantially to the present numbers of around…


The Lillie Hills in the South of the Selati Game Reserve are home to the only population of Encephalartos dyeranious on the planet…


Giants of Selati Fund Campaign 2021

Launch of the Giants of Selati Fund 2021 Fundraising Campaign After successfully launching the 2020 elephant immunocontracepetion fundraising campaign to assist Selati in managing its

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Selati Dehorns all its Rhino!

In a well-coordinated and extensive operation, the Selati Game Reserve was able to dehorn all its Rhino between the 10th and 15th January 2021. This valuable initiative was funded and coordinated through the non-profit organization Nkombe-Rhino, in conjunction with their ever-willing donors, who have generously supported various operations throughout the Kruger to Canyon Biosphere. 

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63 Elephant cows on Selati Game Reserve successfully receive immunocontraception in an ongoing effort to humanely manage a growing elephant population.

In mid-October, the Selati Wilderness Foundation (SWF) coordinated efforts to successfully administer an immunocontraceptive vaccine to around 63 elephant cows on the Selati Game Reserve; an operation that would not have been possible without the help of incredibly generous donors who collectively raised over R400 000 for the Giants of Selati Fund.

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Without great people like you, our efforts are severly limited. We depend on donations to promote and advance conservation. Help to enhance biodiversity and create a better future in this unique ecosystem.