Welcome to the Selati Wilderness Foundation (SWF)! We’re a trusted and well-known brand, internationally recognised for our dedication to conservation, working alongside the Selati Game Reserve (SGR) and the surrounding Greater Kruger region. As a registered NPC, we handle donations transparently and channel funds towards anti-poaching efforts, protecting endangered wildlife, and supporting local communities and schools.

Our passionate team, supported by enthusiastic volunteers from around the world, effectively manages our operations. With a diverse board of directors bringing expertise in business and conservation, and a genuine interest in uplifting the communities in our local surroundings, we are equipped to make a real difference. Through cutting-edge research, unique experiences, and state-of-the-art technology, we lead the way in wildlife conservation and protection.

At SWF, our vision is to be renowned for our role in conserving this unique wilderness area and inspiring current and future generations to understand, value, and protect this heritage. Our mission revolves around community initiatives, innovative research, and targeted conservation efforts. By raising funds and executing on our objectives, we directly contribute to the long-term sustainability of the biodiversity of the Selati Game Reserve and Greater Kruger Region.

Through this website, we aim to engage and inform visitors about our work, progress, and goals. We encourage you to explore the various sections to learn more about our organisation, the wildlife we protect, and the local communities we support. With your support, we can make a difference and preserve the natural wonders of this area.

Join us in safeguarding nature, creating a better future, and become a part of the Selati Wilderness Foundation’s journey towards a sustainable and harmonious coexistence between wildlife, communities, and the environment.


Our Vision is to be renowned for our role in conserving this unique wilderness area and educating and inspiring current and future generations to understand, value, and protect this heritage.


Financial support for anti-poaching primarily focused on the protection of the significant black and white rhino populations as well as support for the protection of the only known colony on the reserve of the Encephalartos dyerianus cycad.


We provide special support for endangered wildlife species present within the Selati Game Reserve area, including cheetahs, wild dogs, black and white rhinos and vultures. Additionally, we prioritise the protection of the only known colony of a rare cycad on the planet.



Founded in 2016, the Bush Buddies initiative brings secondary school learners from disparate communities together for a year-long programme of learning and interaction.


The SWF has upgraded and renovated a hall to establish a new venue for Class RR students to enhance and extend the early learning programme at the school.


The re-introduction of cheetah to Selati has proved to be successful. The original population had declined due to the numbers falling below sustainable levels.


Since the initial introduction of elephants onto Selati from the Kruger National Park in the late ’90s, the population has grown substantially. Now, it is managed sustainably for the future.


The Lillie Hills in the South of the Selati Game Reserve are home to the only population of Encephalartos dyerianus on the planet…


The Selati Game Reserve is proud to serve as the nesting grounds for both Martial and Verreaux’s Eagles. Through the support of the SWF, these sites have been meticulously monitored, and we are delighted to provide bird and wildlife enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to observe the nesting behaviour of our Verreaux’s Eagles through state-of-the-art live stream technology.


There are multiple ways for you to get involved and make a meaningful impact with the Selati Wilderness Foundation (SWF). You can contribute to our projects by making a donation, enabling us to continue our conservation efforts, support local communities, and protect endangered wildlife. Your financial support goes a long way in creating positive change. Alternatively, you may choose to invest both your time and skills in our paid volunteer programme at Selati Research, joining our passionate team in making a substantial difference on the ground.. Whether you choose to donate or volunteer, your involvement will play a vital role in preserving our natural heritage and shaping a brighter future for our planet.