At the Selati Wilderness Foundation (SWF), our commitment to making a positive impact extends to the communities we serve. Gravelotte Primary School, situated on the borders of the Selati Game Reserve, has been a beneficiary of our ongoing support over the years. This collaboration holds special significance as two landowners of Selati Game Reserve, Piet Warren and Henry Dunn, are proud alumni of this very school. We are honoured to continue this connection and support the educational growth of current and future generations.

One of our notable projects involved renovating and furnishing a dedicated Grade RR (5 – 6 year olds) classroom at Gravelotte Primary School. Our dedicated SWF team, led by our management, worked tirelessly to transform the space. From installing essential facilities like toilets and plumbing to renewing flooring, lights, windows, refurbishing wooden doors, and applying fresh coats of paint, the renovation was completed successfully in 2020. The result is a welcoming and conducive learning environment for the young students. We are delighted to share photos of the renovation below.

During our recent visit, we witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by many children from surrounding rural villages in accessing basic school necessities. We discovered that numerous students lacked proper school shoes, and their parents struggled to afford the required school uniforms. This prompted us to reach out to our generous supporters and appeal for ongoing sponsorship opportunities. By sponsoring a child annually, you can make a lasting impact by providing them with new uniforms and school shoes at the beginning of each academic year. Your act of kindness will not only boost their confidence but also empower them to fully engage in their education, irrespective of financial constraints.

Additionally we are planning to collaborate with the teachers and learners of the Gravelotte Primary School in establishing a series of sustainable vegetable gardens. The primary objective of these gardens is to supplement the school’s feeding programme, providing nutritious and fresh produce for the students. We, at the SWF, are committed to supporting and guiding the setup of these gardens as proud sponsors of this initiative. 

Through our sponsorship, we will provide the necessary resources, including seeds, tools, and expertise, to establish and maintain these gardens effectively. Our team will work closely with the school’s staff and students to offer guidance on garden design, soil preparation, planting techniques, and ongoing maintenance. Together, we will create vibrant and productive spaces that contribute to the nutritional well-being of the school community.

We believe that these sustainable vegetable gardens will not only enhance the school’s feeding programme but also promote a sense of pride, ownership, and community involvement. We are confident that this collaborative effort will have a positive and lasting impact on the students’ education, health, and overall well-being.

We invite our supporters to join us in creating equal opportunities for all children at Gravelotte Primary School. Your support will enable us to continue making a significant difference in their lives and pave the way for a brighter future. Together, we can build a stronger foundation for education and nurture the potential of these young minds.

Gravelotte School Gallery

Gravelotte School Gallery


Your generous contribution can directly support our efforts and bring about positive change in this community.