Gravelotte Primary School

Following a request from the principal of the Gravelotte primary school, the NPC undertook to renovate and furnish a hall at the Gravelotte Primary school for the establishment of a Grade RR (5-6 year olds) class. This included installing toilets, plumbing, renewing the flooring, lights, windows, refurbishing wooden doors and painting. Labour was supplied by the Selati staff under the direction of management who did a great job. Over the years the school which borders the Selati Game Reserve has received various forms of assistance from the Foundation. There are some historic ties between Selati and the school in that two landowners of Selati Game Reserve, Piet Warren and Henry Dunn, both attended the school. The renovation was completed successfully.   

On a recent visit to the school it was noted that many of the children who attend from surrounding rural villages, did not have school shoes, and many of their parents struggle to afford the school uniform. We are currently appealing to our generous supporters to help sponsor a child annually, so that they can have a new uniform and school shoes and the beginning of the school year. 

If you can help with these donations the NPC would be very grateful. Our account details are: 

Account name: Selati Wilderness Foundation NPC
Name of Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch Name: Grayston Drive
Branch Code: 580105
Account number: 10012229229

Please feel free to contact Lindsey directly for further information.

We’d like to thank everyone that have contributed to this project so far. Without these kind donations and assistance these projects would not be possible. 

Gravelotte School Gallery
(renovations in progress)

Gravelotte School Gallery