The Selati Research Volunteer Programme invites wildlife enthusiasts to a unique platform where tangible contributions to conservation meet immersive wildlife experiences. Guided by a vision to conserve and enhance the biodiversity of the ecosystem through wise and sustainable management of resources, the programme plays a crucial role in the operation of the Selati Game Reserve.

Existing as a “closed system”, Selati Game Reserve’s perimeter fence is designed to regulate the migration of all large mammal species. Such a unique setup calls for meticulous management to ensure the preservation and augmentation of the biodiversity within.

At the heart of the ecosystem’s health lies an intricate interplay of climate, geology, and the populations of fauna and flora species. Informed management decisions are driven by an enhanced comprehension of this dynamic interaction, a role admirably filled by the programme’s volunteers.

Since its inception, the programme has been on a journey of discovery, initially focusing on monitoring activities related to the welfare of the veld and animal populations. Recognising the need for a more profound understanding of the ecosystem for optimising the management of the closed system, a shift towards a rigorous scientific examination has been embraced.

All research projects rely on this scientific approach, and their success hinges on the support and financial assistance from passionate individuals and volunteers. The sustainability of these efforts is safeguarded by a model grounded in voluntourism – the Volunteer Programme.

Offering volunteers an instrumental role in conservation efforts, the Selati Research Volunteer Programme presents an uplifting, hands-on wildlife experience. This extraordinary journey into the wonders of the ecosystem contributes significantly to its preservation and growth. Participation in this programme transcends a mere expedition; it represents an opportunity to leave an enduring legacy for future generations.

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE - Article by Celia Brauner

In September 2022 I got the chance to volunteer with Selati Research, a wildlife conservation and research program based in Selati Game Reserve. For a total of 3 weeks I joined the research team in their day-to-day duties and experienced first hand what it’s like to work as wildlife conservationist in the field. My absolute highlight during this time was the opportunity to take part in a very special field operation, where I got up close and personal with 2 wild lions. An experience I will never forget!


Do you want to support a Wildlife Research Team in a Big 5 Game Reserve and make a real difference in conservation? It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a meaningful holiday, purposeful sabbatical, or a place to conduct field research – Selati Research is the place for you.