Creating a sustainable future where elephants thrive alongside other species.


At Selati Game Reserve, we recognise the profound importance of elephants, not only as majestic beings but as vital contributors to ecosystem balance and biodiversity. These intelligent and powerful creatures embody the interconnectedness of life, impacting various species and shaping the landscape through their behaviours. However, the decline in their numbers due to human expansion necessitates our unwavering commitment to their conservation.

To effectively manage the elephant population while maintaining biodiversity, we employ non-hormonal immuno-contraception as a sustainable solution. This method prevents pregnancy without interfering with the elephants’ natural behaviours, allowing for population stabilisation in ethical alignment with the reserve’s tourism interests. By utilising this approach, we ensure that the space remains natural for the elephants, fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and these remarkable creatures.

Comprehensive monitoring of the elephant population is crucial, and we achieve this through the use of tracking collars. During the collar fitting process, utmost care is taken to ensure the health and safety of the elephants. Tranquilising is performed to attach the collars, enabling us to closely track and manage the population dynamics. This allows for a deeper understanding of their movements and behaviours, contributing to informed conservation efforts.

The impact of elephants on their environment is multifaceted. While they play a significant role in maintaining biodiversity, their interactions with certain plant species, such as tall trees used for nesting by raptors and vultures, can present challenges. Unmanaged elephant populations may destroy these crucial habitats. Our approach seeks to comprehend the long-term impacts and cycles that elephants have on their surroundings, including the cyclical movement of elephants between closed and open savannah over a 200-year span. By gaining a broader perspective beyond our limited lifetime, we can make informed decisions for the benefit of both elephants and the ecosystem.

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At Selati Game Reserve, we embrace our responsibility to protect and conserve elephants. Through non-hormonal immuno-contraception, comprehensive monitoring, and a commitment to understanding their ecological impact, we strive to ensure a sustainable future where elephants thrive alongside other species. Join us in our dedication to coexist harmoniously with these incredible beings and preserve the intricate balance of life in our reserve.


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