African Wild Dogs, the continent’s second most endangered carnivore, have sadly vanished from 25 of the 39 countries they once freely roamed. With an estimated mere 1,400 breeding pairs remaining, every effort towards their preservation counts significantly (source: Endangered Wildlife Trust).

At Selati Game Reserve, we are delighted to play a role in reversing this worrying trend. In April 2022, we initiated an exciting project – the introduction of a pack of African Wild Dogs in partnership with the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) onto our reserve. This beautiful species, known for their unique, colorful, and patchy coats, immediately became a fascination for our team and volunteers.

Our approach was meticulous and carefully managed. Initially, the Wild Dogs were held in a boma – a secure enclosure that allowed them to bond as a pack and adapt to their new surroundings in safety. This strategy proved successful when our alpha female delighted us by giving birth to a litter of young pups!

In June 2022, the significant moment arrived. Our thriving pack was released onto the open reserve, their new expansive home. Observing the pups grow and the pack adapt to the vast wilderness has been an incredible journey. Today, the pack is healthy, successful in their hunting endeavours, and contributing to the biodiversity and health of the Selati ecosystem.

Monitoring these remarkable animals is undoubtedly one of the favorite activities for our volunteers. We consider it a privilege to watch, learn, and contribute to the survival of this precious species. Join us in celebrating their growth, cheering on their successes, and ensuring their continued prosperity on Selati Game Reserve. Our African Wild Dog project is a vivid testimony to what can be achieved when commitment to conservation meets well-directed action.


Your generous contribution can directly support our efforts and bring about positive change for our African Wild Dogs.