How can you fundraise for Giants of Selati?

The Selati Wilderness Foundation (SWF) is taking great strides to conserve the future of the elephants and the biodiversity of Selati and you can help!

Through the recently launched Giants of Selati Fund, we have partnered up with popular crowd funding platform, GivenGain and we now need you to join us to raise the funds necessary to carry out our elephant contraceptive project in September

Want to help Selati preserve their wilderness area and safe guard a stronger future for these elephants and the other wildlife that call Selati home?

Follow these simple steps and start fundraising today!

Step 1

Create a free fundraiser profile with GivenGain. 

Step 2

Search for the Selati Wilderness Foundation charity and select the Giants of Selati fundraising project as your cause.

Step 3

Create your project page for the Giants of Selati – we have made this easy for you with a specially designed Fundraiser Toolkit!

You have access to all the information you could need about this project to share with and inform your network to help you request their support to protect these gentle creatures we all love so much!

Simply load our video or images supplied, copy and paste the wording or feel free to make it your own!

Step 4

SHARE it with the world!

Share your project with friends, family, team mates, colleagues anyone who loves elephants and will support your project!

We have also added some suggested social media posts to the toolkit with images to use to help you promote the campaign! 

#GiantsofSelati #SelatiWF

It’s free and takes less that 5 minutes to set up and the benefits from the funds you will raise to the Selati landscape and the animals affected is priceless!

You can also share this page with anyone you think may be interested in becoming a fundraiser for SWF and help us spread the message to all who are passionate about and love our African Elephants!

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